Wedding Party

We thought we would take a bit of time and introduce the wedding party! These are the faces you need to look out for on the day if you need help or want to know any embarrassing stories.

Bridal Party

img_3764 Rosie Allan (Bridesmaid)

Rosie and Kate (aka Curly) met at Jack and Flo’s joint 18th birthday party. Rosie and Curly didn’t become close until a few years later, but bonded over alcohol, tea, and crap ex-boyfriends. They now spend most days sending each other gifs, youtube videos of cats/dogs, and watching First Dates with Jack. Rosie is a fantastic, supportive friend and is always ready with a smile, a crude joke, and a cup of tea. Rosie also bonds with Zach over Xbox, while Curly pretends to know what they’re talking about!

13567203_10155101894494569_5689280792090433158_n Jack Taylor (Bridesman)

Jack and Kate (aka Curly) met in AS Psychology at Barton Peveril College in 2006. They have been best friends ever since! The college years involved a lot of road trips (day or night, usually to the New Forest in wellies); the university years were mostly made up of alcohol and dancing, and the more recent years have included cups of tea and watching Once Upon A Time or Game of Thrones. Jack is the kindest person in the world and will do anything for anyone. He’s always up for a giggle (usually with Rosie in tow) and it only takes a beer to get him drunk and ready to party!

img_2799-1 Alex James (Bridesmaid)

Alex and Kate met in 2008 at Reading University and lived together for two of those years. There were many days spent baking – their first attempt at gluten free bread would have made a good garden ornament. They also spent a lot of time hanging out together (usually in pjs) and doing uni work (read: gossiping). It doesn’t matter where in the world Alex is (she’s often gone gallivanting around the past few years) she always makes the time to keep in contact, send photos and birthday cards, and talk about Gilmore Girls over coffee.

family-25 Lydia Brombley (Flower Girl)

Lydia is Kate’s niece and the daughter to Kate’s brother and sister-in-law, Tim and Becky. Lydia is 5. Her favourite things to do are ballet, reading, and dressing up in big dresses!

Kate is so happy that all four have agreed to be part of the wedding and is excited to have them there as she walks down the aisle to marry Zach <3


13781778_10210647930854111_2074461804710140523_n Josh Dunnings (Best Man)

Josh and Zach went to the same secondary school but didn’t become firm friends until after. They spent a lot of time together in town drinking copious amounts and dancing in Unit (a nightclub in Southampton that’s now closed). Josh knows many stories about Zach and will probably regale a few embarrassing ones in his speech. In recent years they have bonded over trips to Sadler’s where they always order the huge meat platter, the ‘Bear’s Grill’. They also enjoy doing DIY together, which usually involves breaking things and putting them back together. Zach was best man at Josh’s wedding in the summer of 2016.

13495092_10157229760310724_7139771845230234566_n Adam Clark (Co-Best Man)

Adam and Zach have been friends since Hamble Secondary School. After this there were the inevitable nights of drinking with Josh. In the early days of Zach and Kate’s friendship Adam (very kindly) lent his phone to Zach to text/call Kate when he had run out of credit (which was most of the time). Adam and Zach spent many hours working together for a car valeting company. Since then Zach and Adam have given up working together to follow their careers as an electrician and game engineer respectively, but still bond over beers and Xbox.

Zach is excited to have his best friends with him on the big day, but is not looking forward to the stitch up that is sure to come with the speeches and the stag do…