Cash or Card Bar

A message to all of our day guests: if wine doesn’t suit your taste, there will be a bottle bar available during the wedding breakfast with beers, ciders, and some spirits (including gin). Average £4.60 for a bottle of beer. However, you will need cash to pay for this. There is a cash point on-site but […]

Invitations – RSVP date

Invitations are out! The smaller details are being ironed out as we speak. We would really appreciate RSVPs by 3rd March.  Lots of love, Kate and Zach x


Thanks to Kate’s brother, Tim, we now have a wedding website! Thank you, Tim (and Becky & kids)! It’s been really fun putting it all together.


From Tim, Becky, Lydia, William, and Bump: Congratulations to Zach Simpson & Kate Brombley on their engagement!