Our Story


We met through mutual friends. We spent a number of house parties in 2007/8 revolving around each other, but never being introduced.  That came in 2009 when we were both going on a night out for a friend’s birthday and Zach offered to do lifts. It was in Zach’s car, outside Kate’s parents’ house, that we first properly met.

From that point on we talked all the time. We would have regular phone calls (including those at 1am while one or the other was drunk – usually Zach), we text all the time, and spent hours most evenings talking on MSN (yes, we are that old). It was obvious to everyone except us that there was more than just friendship between us, but even after a first date on Boxing Day in 2009 (there is nothing open on Boxing Day!), we remained ‘just friends’.

Fast forward to July 2010 and after a couple of stolen (read: drunken) kisses, the chemistry between us could be denied no longer. We went on our first date, and then a second and a third. Kate knew Zach was a keeper when he happily let her choose Toy Story 3 as one of their dates. It was after the third date that we became ‘official’ – we were walking along Town Quay in Southampton and Zach asked ‘so are you my girlfriend then?’ and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2013 we moved into a little one bedroom flat in Sholing. In 2015, after Zach’s change of careers (he went back to college finish his electrician’s qualifications), we moved into our current flat in Hedge End that we both love.

On 4th August, 2016 we celebrated our 6 year anniversary. On 10th August, Zach proposed during our holiday in Cornwall with Kate’s family. (It’s a bit of a mystery that he wanted to after spending a whole week with the potential in-laws…). We had a wonderful dinner in Penzance and then went for a little wander down by the harbour as the sun was beginning to set. It was there that Zach popped the question and Kate obviously said yes!

We have been through a lot together over the past six years: Zach’s change of career, Kate studying for her PhD, flat moves, family illness & death, and Kate’s diagnosis of endometriosis. But we have built a fantastic life together that is full of happy memories and we are looking forward to starting a new chapter on 28th April 2018 with all of our closest friends and family!

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